These are some of the bikes I have occasionally taken to take to vintage shows.


  I was given this British Salmson , by an old man who had bought it new in 1951, and used it to travel all over Cheshire and occasionally as far afield as North Wales.( About 120 mile round trip.) At the time he gave it to me , I was the owner of a 1000cc Matchless engined Morgan, and I thought I would never be seen dead on a 31cc cyclemotor ! I threw the engine under the garage bench in disgust.
Many years later I dug the machine out rebuilt it , I now consider it one of the most prized possessions in my collection.
....( wish I still had that Morgan though.)

  This bike has a 2 stroke engine mounted on sprung brackets, attached to the saddle tube, and drives down onto the rear wheel by a large rubber Vee belt.
There is no clutch of any kind, so when the engine turns, the bike moves, and visa versa. It is impossible to stop without stalling the engine. Riding this in traffic is matter of continually stalling and re-starting the engine.....

I have scanned and copied almost everything I have about the Cyclaid. I hope these will be of some use to other Cyclaid owners. The text manuals below should recreate an acurate copy of the original pages, which can then be printed out. However, If your browser settings are very different from mine, you may have to adjust your text font/size until it fits your screen.
Original makers advertisement. ( 77Kb picture )

Makers technical advert page. ( 129Kb picture )

Original makers handbook. ( Text )

Cyclaid Road test 1954 ( Text )

Cyclaid Parts page 1 ( 93Kb picture )

Cyclaid Parts page 2 ( 96Kb picture )

Cyclaid Parts page 3 ( 80Kb picture )

Part No./Price List. ( Text )

Wipac magneto service instructions (Page 1 Text)

Wipac magneto service instructions (Page 2 Text)

Amal 308 Carburetter manual (Mainly Text)

Amal 308 Part No. (Text)

1951 British Salmson Cyclaid.

Links not on this site The National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club.

1948 Norman.
Villiers junior deluxe 98cc 2 stroke engine.
Supplied in November 1948 by
"The Bee" cycle & motor Co Ltd
2 4 & 6 Upper Newington
Renshaw Street

  Scanned copies of old publications,
Villiers Junior De-luxe Users Handbook   and Parts List

Villiers Junior De-luxe engine manual.

Villiers Two-Stroke Engines Handbook.

Villiers Lighting Sets Manual.

GUNDLE Tradesmans bike
I don't know anything about Gundles. If anyone out there knows about production dates and different models, perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know.

Roy Cooper toys.

Pennyfarthing bikes for children.
Made during the 1950's and 60's . The early ones had solid rubber tyres, the later ones are pneumatic.
  I don't know much more about these little bikes, but my two boys learnt to ride them. And learnt how to "show off" at rallies.


You see, the nearest pub is a mile or two down the hill from here. Not that a mile or two is very far, it's just that it's uphill on the way back !   Well I found out that if a bike has an electric motor of no more than 200watts, and conforms to a few other petty regulations, it is not considered to be a motor vehicle. It is just considered to be a push bike, and therefore an ideal way of getting home from the pub...
I built this bike mainly out of bits and pieces that I had kicking about the shed. It has a 12volt motor and gear box mounted in front of the handle bars,

Details of how I made my bike

A simple on/off switch is mounted on the handle bar, and as one of the petty regulations I referred to before, states the switch must be of the "dead mans handle" type i.e. it switches it's self off when you let go of it. So I stretched a rubber band between this and the brake lever, to pull the switch over. It works ...unless the rubber band has fallen off ... which it usually has !

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